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Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time...

...maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you.

12 May
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"Okay, back to Assassins: A musical about the men and women who've attempted to shoot presidents of the United States, Assassins premiered in New York City on December 18, 1990. A Bush was in the White House and we were at war with Iraq and this "politically problematic" show closed after 73 performances. Thirteen years later, with another Bush in the White House and another war raging in Iraq, Assassins is back, only this time out it's a huge hit. America is apparently ready for a musical about killing the president--which may mean George W. Bush has more serious problems on his hands than just his low approval ratings." -Dan Savage


Adam Pascal is Bohemian Love

This is a section of Jenly's Profile I'd like to call..."My Friends Say the Most Amusing Things"

(Talking about a dude at berryblast Heather's school)

Heather:He's so unbeleivably hot...like tall and dark hair and a musician and a lawyer and DUDE. aaaaah.
Jen: That is awesome:-D
Heather: and there's also a high school senior guy in it who is pretty cute too....i love wind ensemble. hehe. i spend it lusting after the lawyer

(nycsunshine Viki, to me in an AIM conversation. Guess what we were talking about.;)

Viki: Course I've always wanted a Viki sandwich with hot guy bread, but that's a distant fantasy.

(napoleonwasme Alan, to me in an AIM conversation. Talking about a girl he likes.)

Alan: She is a bit young though...But so freaking hot, I cant believe she's real.

(lj user= piratessclare> Amber)

All the sexually frustrated women of the world should take a number and meet me at my door.


Good News:

Days until Bush leaves office.

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